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Anxiety in children

I find it heartbreaking that even though they are children and are meant to be living a carefree life, so many of them suffer the same mental health issues as adults. I frequently hear of anxiety in children, self-harm is commonplace, and sadly there are suicide attempts. Despite services such as CAMHS, there are just […]

EHCP – A guide

Here is a useful guide to the EHCP process, timeline, and what to expect. An EHCP (Educational Health Care Plan) is a legal document drawn up by the local authority and includes input from health, social care, and educational psychology as appropriate. An EHCP is required when a child with SEN requires additional support to […]

Emotionally Based School Avoidance

In recent months there has been a lot of media focus around emotionally based school avoidance or simply – children who are out of school. Sadly, most coverage has made it the responsibility of the parent – not trying hard enough, lack of discipline, laziness. As a parent who has been through this struggle, I […]