Inspired Minds Hypnotherapy

I find it heartbreaking that even though they are children and are meant to be living a carefree life, so many of them suffer the same mental health issues as adults. I frequently hear of anxiety in children, self-harm is commonplace, and sadly there are suicide attempts. Despite services such as CAMHS, there are just not enough resources to cope with demand. COVID has not only impacted mental health but has also restricted access to services meaning longer or closed waiting lists.

Using hypnotherapy with children is not much different to them daydreaming and imagining, role-playing, when they drift into their own world when reading a book – the kind of thing they do day in, day out.

By tapping into their vast imaginations using stories or characters they love, creating adventures with them at the centre of it is a powerful tool. They respond well to metaphoric stories when their subconscious mind searches for a hidden meaning. After all, they are primed to do this, all children learn fables and parables at school.

I offer a calm and relaxing environment and one that feels homely, safe and secure. I work hard to build rapport to ensure that a child feels comfortable in my presence and ensure I do not project authority.

Working with children requires a completely different skill set to adults and I’m proud to say that over the years working in hypnotherapy I have helped many children through their mental health challenges.

Do you have a child struggling with anxiety? Reach out and see how I can help – you can book an appointment here

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